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The software was developed in C++ (Windows).It can be freely used for non-commercial purposes.
Be careful: it is strictly forbidden to disassemble the software and to modify the code.


Software, label, GHS, CLP, statement, H, P, EUH, signal word, DANGER, WARNING, EC, EINECS, CAS, INDEX, laboratory.
Logiciel, Étiquette, SGH, CE, pictogramme, mention, avertissement, ATTENTION, conseil, prudence, information supplémentaire, laboratoire.
Etiket, GHS, pictogram, GEVAAR, WAARSCHUWING, laboratorium.
Etikett, Hinweis, Piktogramm, GEFAHR, ACHTUNG, labor
Etichetta, pictograma, PERICOLO, ATTENZIONE, laboratorio.
Etiqueta, pittogramma, PELIGRO, ATENCIÓN, laboratorio.
Rótulo, pictograma, PERIGO, ATENÇÃO, laboratório.


The ''GHS LABEL'' software offers a flexible and rapid solution for reproduction of labels whose all features are already known: pictograms, signal words, H, P and EUH-statements, etc. . It does not purport to replace commercial softwares.

The workplace is easy to use and intuitive for a quick start. Several dozen files can be created simultaneously. Each label can be saved (esgh file), exported (jpeg file) or printed. Files can be saved on hard disk or on LAN.

The integrated database contains nearly 4000 names of products with their EC, CAS and Index numbers. This is an adaptation of the database of IPCS / European Commission.

H, P, EUH statements can be changed or completed according to the evolution of European Union rules (H.txt, P.txt, EUH.txt files).

In accordance with the regulation, each pictogram covers at least one fifteenth of the surface of the label with a minimum of 1 cm2.
GHS label
Below here are links to see examples of labels:

Last updates

Jan 05th 2013 : new arrangement of pictograms (#4 & #5) and more space available for text - version 4.0.
Jan 15th 2013 : associated H and P statements can be proposed when you select a pictogram - version 4.10.
Aug 08th 2013 : update of H, P & EUH statements according to the new publication of EU (May 8th 2013).
Feb 10th 2014 : improved selection and unselection of pictograms - version 4.2.
May 02nd 2015 : for small labels, possibility to print only, oversized numbers of H, P & EUH statements - version 4.3.
Jun 19th 2016 : update of some H & P statements according to the new publication of EU (May 2016) - version 4.4.


  • English version 4.4 with H, P and EUH statements in 7 languages, EN, NL, DE, IT, ES, PT & FR : download
  • Version française 4.4 : téléchargement

Since english is not my native language, the translation from french to english is perhaps imperfect. Your comments in this regard are always welcome. Despite the care taken in the development of this product, the author can not garantee that the program is bug-free and it works perfectly in all Windows environments. Thank you to report any problem you could detect.